Personal Loans for Airmen

Personal Loans for Airmen

AFAS Air Force Emergency Financial Assistance may be in the form of a no-interest loan or grant. The purpose is to help Airmen, spouses or family dependant solve an emergency financial situation so the Airman can focus on piece of mind and the mission.

AFAS Air Force Emergency Financial Assistance is not a payday loan. A budget is required and payment is made to the final vendor/recipient (i.e. landlord for rent, mechanic for car repairs, etc).

What Air Force Emergency Financial Assistance Can Help With

AFAS Air Force Emergency Financial Assistance (also known as Standard Assistance) is intended for a variety of unexpected financial emergency situations that any Airman, spouses, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve personnel or retired Air Force members or Veteran could face such as:

  • Rental and utility bill emergency assistance
  • Medical or Dental Care
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Respite Care
  • Vehicle Repairs
  • Travel Emergencies
  • Pay/Allotment Problems
  • Disasters
  • Assistance to Surviving Dependents


There are a variety of financial resources available to Airmen and their dependents through AFAS. To find out more, please read about AFAS Falcon Loans and then see Which Loan is Right For Me.


AFAS Air Force Emergency Financial Assistance is available to

  • Active duty Air Force military members
  • Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve personnel on extended active duty over 15 days under Title 10, USC (assistance is limited to emergencies incidental to, or resulting from applicant’s active duty tour)
  • Retired Air Force military members (not on a continuing basis, pending case specific review)
  • Spouse of AF military member who is enrolled in DEERS and hold valid military dependent ID card (with a Power of Attorney)
  • Dependent family members enrolled in DEERS holding valid military dependent ID card

How To Apply

The Air Force Emergency Financial Assistance process begins with completing an application. You may submit your application online or at your local Airman & Family Readiness Center. – visit the AFAS Portal to locate the Application for AFAS Financial Assistance. Once the application is completed you will be given information to contact your local AFAS section to set up an appointment.

If not located near an Airman & Family Readiness Center, you may visit another Service Relief Agency to request assistance. AFAS maintains cross-servicing agreements with:

Loan Repayment

Standard Assistance is repaid by allotment with consideration given to the individual’s financial situation, as well as time remaining on current enlistment. Title 10 ANG/AFRES members on extended active duty over 15 days, under Title 10, USC, provide a copy of their activation orders and complete a Paymatic form when receiving assistance. Loans are usually repaid within 12 months and do not exceed 24 months. All loan repayment is to be completed within the member’s current enlistment.