Arlington Transportation Partners Awards Air Force Aid Society Gold Level Champions Distinction County Military Nonprofit Employer Essential to Success of Sustainable Transportation Initiatives

Arlington County, Virginia—February 21, 2019—Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), a division of Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS), is thrilled to recognize Air Force Aid Society, Inc. as a Gold Level Champion for their commitment to active and sustainable transportation initiatives, by encouraging their employees to use various modes of transportation.

Air Force Aid Society achieved Gold Level status earlier this month as they were recognized for their employee incentive program offerings including: free parking, a $175.00 monthly benefit, a tax free $265.00 monthly metro/VRE allowance, a $500.00 annual fitness center reimbursement, onsite fitness center/shower facilities, teleworking one day a week, and free Smart Trip cards for travel to the Pentagon to a name a few.

“Arlington County has been noted as one of the best places in the region to work and live. This is where people want to be. They want to be someplace that’s vibrant—where they can get to work one way and decide they want to go meet friends for dinner another way. That’s what Arlington is all about, a place where people don’t necessarily have to drive to do what they want to do. We’re honored to recognize Champions that make this possible,” said Wendy Duren, Program Director, Arlington Transportation Partners.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from Arlington Transportation Partners,” said retired Lt. Gen. John D. Hopper, Jr., Air Force Aid Society CEO. “We are committed to providing the best experiences for our employees and relish our part in making Arlington County a great place to live and work.”

With the support of ACCS, these companies are playing a vital role in helping remove 40,100 cars from the road every day.*

In Arlington County, the current infrastructure gives employees, residents and visitors multiple options for getting to and around the County. People can choose to bike or walk to work using any shared-use trails, ride ART or Metrobus or take Metro to any of the 11 Metro Stations located in Arlington County. The wide range of transit options makes Arlington one of the nation’s most livable cities, helping businesses attract a talented workforce and helping commercial property managers fill open office spaces.

* According to ACCS Making an Impact Reports, available at

About Arlington Transportation Partners Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) provides transportation expertise and services to businesses, residential communities, commercial properties and schools in Arlington County, Virginia. Since July 1998, ATP has assisted over 800 businesses, 300 residential communities, 41 schools, more than 43 hotels, and 80 site plan properties located in Arlington County to improve their transportation amenities and commuter benefits. Their innovative programs and expert knowledge base have made ATP the leading Transportation Demand Management (TDM) specialists in the country. ATP services and programs have significant impacts on commuting patterns, traffic congestion, personal health and air quality in Arlington County.

About Champions Champions is a program that recognizes businesses, residential properties, commercial properties and schools in Arlington County that show a commitment to encouraging the use of sustainable transportation modes such as public transit, ridesharing, biking and walking. Formerly called Workplace Commute Champions, Champions began as a pilot for employers only in 2013, and officially launched in 2014. Today, more than 230 companies are enrolled including corporations, trade associations, governmental agencies and universities. For more info on Champions, visit: