AFAS Merit Scholarship Donation

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  • Our #1 priority is helping Airmen
  • We will provide consistent support to all eligible Airmen
  • Financially stable Arimen remain mission focused
  • Convivence every client that seeks support “we are here to help”
  • Ensure every client that leaves knows he/she got our best effort


  • The majority of donated dollars are from Airmen – we must be good stewards
  • We are generously supported by private industry and private individuals – we must be good stewards
  • Every dollar must go toward helping Arimen – the leadership and the staff of the Society are personally accountable


  • Programs are only acceptable if they help Airmen
  • Programs will adapt and innovate to meet evolving needs
  • Programs that are measured improve. Programs that are measured, and someone held accountable, imprive dramatically