During catastrophic natural events, the Air Force Aid Society can and does help.  Emergency Assistance is always job #1 for the Society, and this 24/7 support remains available to eligible service members 365 days a year, even during times of disaster.

 Updates regarding Hurricane Michael Assistance to homeowners 

In anticipation of requests from Hurricane Michael homeowners for home repair and large deductibles, the following guidance is in effect immediately. AFAS is currently offering assistance to eligible Airmen for primary residences only and will be reviewed as follows after the following four steps are met.

Step 1: Contact the FEMA/SBA and/or other disaster response agencies to apply for assistance

Step 2: Contact your mortgage company to discuss a possible deferment of monthly payments and/or inquire about a possible home equity loan

Step 3: Complete a full insurance assessment

Step 4: Complete the AFAS Hurricane Michael questionnaire /checklist. Download the Hurricane Michael Fillable Questionnaire Checklist

Any financial needs remaining once the above measures have been satisfied will be considered. Repayment terms are as follows:

  • 24 – 36 months or ETS (active duty)
  • 24 – 36 months (retirees)
  • 24 – 36 months (ANG & AFR on Title 10 orders at the time of Hurricane Michael)