AFAS Standard Assistance may be an interest-free loan or a grant. The purpose is to help stabilize a member’s emergency financial situation to solve a problem so the member can focus on the Air Force/Space Force mission. A budget is required, and payment is made directly to the Service Member by Zelle or Bank ACH.

What Standard Assistance Can Help With

AFAS Standard Assistance is intended for a variety of unexpected emergency financial situations that any Airmen or Guardian could face. Standard Assistance can help with:


AFAS Standard Assistance is available to

  • Active-Duty Air Force and Space Force Members and their eligible family members. (Spouses will need POA and be enrolled in DEERS with a valid military dependent ID card).
  • Guard and Reserve Air Force and Space Force members (regardless of duty status) and their eligible family members.
  • Retired (including medically retired) Air Force and Space Force members receiving retirement pay and their eligible family members (limited assist)
  • Dependent-aged children of deceased Air Force and Space Force personnel (who died on active duty or in retired status).
  • Widow/Widower
  • Air Force Academy Cadets & Preparatory School Students (limited to emergency travel situations when serious illness or death of an immediate family member).
  • Basic Military Training School (Basic Military Training School students are only eligible for emergency travel assistance when there is serious illness or death of immediate family member. Commander must confirm the student will return to complete BMTS).

How To Apply

You may apply for Standard Assistance by visiting our online application portal:

You may be required to confidentially discuss the source of financial trouble with an AFAS caseworker, as part of the application process. Additional documentation will be required. Please review the requirements tab in your application prior to your submission, and ensure all required documents are uploaded for your AFAS Caseworker to review. Once you submit an application for assistance, please allow 24-72 hours, depending on the nature of the emergency, to receive a response from an AFAS Emergency Assistance Caseworker.

Loan Repayment

Standard Assistance is repaid by allotment with consideration given to the individual’s financial situation, as well as time remaining on current enlistment. Traditional Guard and Reserve members will be required to complete an AFAS Paymatic Authorization Form to allow withdrawal of repayment amount from bank account. Loans are usually repaid within 12 months and do not exceed 24 months. All loan repayment is to be completed within the member’s current enlistment.