AFAS allows an Airman to purchase a protective helmet for his son

Master Sergeant Jason DeBlasio joined the Air Force 19 years ago so that he could travel and see the world. As a KC-10 flight engineer, MSgt DeBlasio has spent almost two decades traveling the world while serving his country.

Grateful for not only his career through the Air Force, MSgt DeBlasio is also grateful for the support from his fellow Airmen and the services provided to Airmen and their families.

MSgt DeBlasio’s young son developed a flat spot on his head and needed a protective helmet. The unexpected expense was more than what he could afford at the time. His First Sergeant mentioned the programs available through the Airman and Family Readiness Center.

When unexpected emergencies arise, Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) provides no-interest loans and/or grants to help meet immediate needs and make a positive step towards a lasting financial solution.

AFAS was there for the master sergeant, allowing him to purchase the helmet, which helps keep his son safe. The assistance “was huge,” says MSgt DeBlasio. “I was deploying back-to-back…in total I did 13 deployments, so having this assistance in between everything was huge for us.”

The assistance the DeBlasios received was “quick, easy, smooth and guilt-free,” he recalls. “I felt nothing but love and support from the process.”

Urging other Airmen to take advantage of programs available to them, MSgt DeBlasio reminds them that AFAS “exists to support you and your family.”

Not having to worry about this expense and his son’s safety, the assistance allowed the DeBlasios to get back on their feet so they could focus on their careers and family. MSgt DeBlasio thanks the Society’s generous donors for himself and his son.

Incorporated in 1942, the Air Force Aid Society continues to meet the unique needs of Airmen and Guardians. AFAS works to support and enhance the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force missions by providing emergency financial assistance, educational support, community programs and disaster relief to Air Force and Space Force families. In 2022, AFAS provided over $12.5 million in assistance to more than 17,000 Air Force and Space Force families. Visit to learn more, apply for assistance, or to donate.