AFAS eases a financial burden for one family during the pandemic

Technical Sergeant Jeffery Brown joined the Air Force 12 years ago to get an education. Since then, he’s learned that being part of the Air Force means having more than a job with a paycheck. TSgt Brown has found some of his best friends as an Airman, and he’s found support from the Air Force during the trying times of COVID-19.

Having heard of the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) early on in his career, TSgt Brown never thought he’d need it. But, then COVID-19 happened. Like so many families, the Browns found themselves in unfamiliar waters that presented new challenges.

TSgt Brown’s wife works at the Child Development Center at Holloman Air Force Base, but when COVID-19 hit, her hours were drastically cut. Still having all of their regular bills, the Browns found themselves struggling financially.

“I was forced to pick up the additional financial burden so we could pay the bills,” TSgt Brown recalls. With the reduced income, it was only a matter of time before the family found themselves coming up a little short.

TSgt Brown turned to AFAS to help them through their tough situation. The much-needed assistance allowed the family to get caught up on their bills, giving TSgt Brown the breathing room he needed to be more financially stable. “It relieved a lot of stress on all of us,” he says.

With so many other things to worry about during the pandemic, AFAS helped ease one burden for the Browns. Now, with his wife back to full hours, “we are no longer feeling the financial strain.” 

TSgt Brown is thankful for everyone who has supported AFAS. “Thank you for helping Airmen who find themselves in a situation that they struggle to get out of,” he says. “Because everyone struggles at one point or another.” He urges other Airmen to use AFAS when they need help. “Don’t be ashamed,” he urges them. “There is no shame in asking for help.”           

The Air Force Aid Society is the official charity of the U.S. Air Force and has been meeting the unique needs of Airmen and their families since 1942. AFAS works to support and enhance the USAF mission by providing emergency financial assistance, educational support, and community programs. Since 2008, AFAS has provided more than $215 million in direct support to Air Force families. Visit to learn more, apply for assistance or to donate.