An interest-free loan from AFAS allows an Airman to maintain his savings

When Master Sergeant Kenneth Williams joined the Air Force almost 21 years ago, he did it for the many benefits that the Air Force offers – travel, stability and education being among them. It also allowed him to learn a trade and meet people from all over the world.

Another benefit that MSgt Williams discovered while serving is the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS). Through emergency assistance, education support and community programs, AFAS is there for Airmen and Guardians when they need it most.

When MSgt Williams’s car needed an expensive repair earlier in his career, the Airman and Family Readiness Center pointed him toward AFAS. True to its mission, AFAS was there, providing MSgt Williams with an interest-free loan, “so that I wouldn’t have to empty my savings,” he says.

“The assistance allowed me to avoid stressing about how I was going to get to work or around to other events,” MSgt Williams explains. And, for a young Staff Sergeant who was just learning to be more financially responsible, “it was truly a life-saver,” he recalls. The assistance helped MSgt Williams so that he did not have to deplete his emergency fund and be burdened with a high-interest loan, burying him in future debt.

After his experience, MSgt Williams encourages other Airmen and Guardians to reach out to the Society if they need help. “They will be able to help enough to make a huge difference,” he says.

Now the Master Sergeant and his family are doing well and are “better prepared for such instances,” he states. He also says he knows where to send his troops if they need assistance in the future.

Incorporated in 1942, the Air Force Aid Society continues to meet the unique needs of Airmen and Guardians. AFAS works to support and enhance the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force missions by providing emergency financial assistance, educational support, and community programs to Air Force and Space Force families. In 2022, AFAS provided over $12.5 million in assistance to more than 17,000 Air Force and Space Force families. Visit to learn more, apply for assistance, or to donate.