AFAS has been there for Airmen for 78 years

Airmen are often miles away from their family, whether it’s in another state or in a different country. If an emergency comes up with a loved one, Airmen may not have the extra money for a last-minute ticket or travel arrangements.

The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) is always ready to help, ensuring Airmen can be with their loved ones when they need to.

Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Adams saw this first-hand when he was the Commander of the 728th Air Mobility Squadron in Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. In 2018, a young Staff Sergeant walked into the First Sergeant’s office clearly distraught. The Staff Sergeant’s father had been admitted to the hospital, and he was not expected to live much longer.

The First Sergeant arranged for the Staff Sergeant to leave on a military flight that evening. “Unfortunately, Joint Travel Regulation authorized funding for emergency travel wasn’t enough to cover the Staff Sergeant’s flights after he landed in the States,” Lt Col Adams recalls. The flight from Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport to his hometown would more than drain his bank account.

Fortunately, AFAS stepped in quickly, allowing the Staff Sergeant to make it home where he was by his father’s side as he passed away. “While his grief was immense,” says Lt Col Adams, “the Staff Sergeant told us that he was grateful to say his goodbyes and see his dad one last time.”

Lt Col Adams is grateful for the Society’s quick work to support his unit. “A valuable member of our team was able to be with family during an emotional time and support his family,” he says.

It’s just another day for AFAS, helping Airmen at a moment’s notice. But it made all the difference for this Staff Sergeant and his family.

The Air Force Aid Society is the official charity of the U.S. Air Force and has been meeting the unique needs of Airmen and their families since 1942. AFAS works to support and enhance the USAF mission by providing emergency financial assistance, educational support, and community programs. Since 2008, AFAS has provided more than $215 million in direct support to Air Force families. Visit to learn more, apply for assistance or to donate.